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September 23, 2012

OK, we're almost there...

We've been puzzled lately that there are any women in the Republican party at all, given all their misogynistic tendencies, their inability to see women as any kind of equal, their utter failure to appreciate the differences between the sexes as anything other than an unchecked liability.

But we think we've broken the code.

Republican women can still fit into one or more of four classes:

  1. The Made Masochist:
    Either through training, upbringing, or chemical failure, these women are incapable as seeing themselves as deserving to be other than breeding factories who have been humored with the right to vote. Punishment just validates their unworthiness.

  2. The Old Busy Body:

  3. Accent on old, their bodies have gone through all possible changes and now they resent anyone for whom life is still fun and still has meaning. Restricting the rights of others is their way of getting back at the world for being cruel to them.

  4. The Real Masochist:

  5. They're just into it for the fun of being forced into uncomfortable circumstances.  Hey, it was either this or the latex gimp body suit.

  6. Ignorant:

  7. Special case of the Made Masochist, they simply don't have the cognitive facilities to differentiate between what they hear and what's being done to them.  Blissfully ignorant, they understand that there are rules restricting other women, but don't see how it affects them.

There, we think that covers it.  Of course we may have missed one or two.  This obviously requires more study.


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