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September 4, 2012

Apple, relax...

We have to agree with Sam Grobart, technology writer for Businessweek.  Apple should stop making at least five of their embarrassingly underwhelming applications and concentrate on their strengths.

Safari browser?  Who uses this except for people who don't know how to install any of the half-dozen free browsers?

Game Center?  We have to agree, what the fuck is this?  And whose son-in-law got the job of designing it?

Pages?  Really, seriously.  This application thought that every memo should be as complex to create as the average Adobe Illustrator drawing.  It just gets in the way of simple communications.

Numbers?  Really, we giggle every time we say the name.  Feels like we're back in 2nd grade.

Mission Control/Launchpad/Dashboard, ugh!  Was it really necessary to dumb down the Mac experience even more?  Let's take the icons and make them PlaySchool sized blocks so we look like a professional application... not.

So there you have it Apple.  Hire this guy, or at least steal his thoughts.  But stop embarrassing yourselves in the meantime.


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