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September 3, 2012


We hear that Zuck is postponing any sale of his 57% share in Facebook for at least a year, supposedly to bolster confidence in the company and increase the share price. 

Yeah, we wouldn't sell either, we'd wait for the price to get back up there in big-boy land. 

Of course we suck at picking stocks...

  Remember investors, that's

Oct. 29: 234 million shares and stock options held by employees as of Oct. 15, excluding Zuckerberg.

Nov. 14: 777 million shares and stock options. Zuckerberg had been eligible to sell his shares at this date, but he has pledged not to sell.

Dec. 14: 156 million shares held by early investors and others who participated in IPO, except Zuckerberg.

 May 18, 2013: 47 million shares held by the Russian Internet company Mail.ru Group and DST Global, both of which made early investments in Facebook.

So get your sell orders in well before Oct 28, Nov 13, Dec 14, and May 18th, and now September 3 before the selling sinks the shares.


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