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September 2, 2012

Robots Killed the SciFi Awards?

Yeah, that's not really an exaggeration.  Apparently failed Internet experiment and wannabe broadcasting company USTREAM was used to broadcast a live event from the World Science Fiction Convention; the Hugo awards, the nerd equivalent of The Oscars.

After the clips from a few nominated television shows were broadcasted, the remote viewers saw in their browsers the following message:

Worldcon banned due to copyright infringement

Apparently Ustream is so afraid of big media, it employs bots to kill video streams that might contain copyrighted material, even when that material is provided by those same media houses, and is short enough to be considered "fair use" for review anyway.

The Twitterverse exploded, and while we have seen mealy mouthed apologies from Ustream (It's not our fault!) we expect that hell hath no fury like a nerd whose had their streaming media scorned.

<pushes up glasses>


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