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August 28, 2012

Women in the GOP...

Why do you take it?  A bunch of fat old white men telling you what to do with  your bodies?  What they can do with your bodies?  Are you frightened?  Are you intimidated?  Are you insane?

We read Barbara Goldstein's evaluation of the GOP and "The Sanctity of Life" recently, and just have to say you go girl!     

The key evaluation:

...the Republican Party holds the life of a woman or child who has been impregnated by rape or molestation by a father, brother or cousin in lower esteem than that of an embryo that has been forcibly placed in her body. Vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan has described rape as simply an alternate means of conception.

Unless you have gone through the experience of rape or molestation, there is no way that you can fathom the psychological damage it inflicts. Victims of these assaults are more prone to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, drug addiction and suicidal thoughts than other segments of the population.

None of which will you be helped with by that same party, providing they have their way with social services and Medicare.

Now imagine that you are forced to be reminded of your trauma every day through a nine-month pregnancy, never knowing who the father of your child is or, if you do know, realizing that you have not only been forced to bring to life the product of a violent and unbidden act, you may continue to face the perpetrator for years to come. Your pregnancy would become a shame rather than a joy and a burden rather than a blessing.

...Unless we respect the lives of women and children in our society who are victims of sexual assault and treat their experiences and bodies as their own, we have no right to speak about the sanctity of human life. The lives of victims have sanctity. How we choose to heal ourselves and live our lives following an assault should be our choice and not the decision of government.

It's brutally clear.  We find it baffling that there are any female republicans.  They must all be insane.


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