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August 17, 2012

We spent some time reading up...

On voter suppression this morning.

Fucking reading.  Now we're all depressed and shit.

Spent some time this morning reading up on the scary topic of voter suppression and manipulation.

This is where organizations funded by wealthy individuals who have a political goal in mind manipulate the vote by a number of practices. Practices with names like Caging and Purging that actually try to work the registration system to eliminate voters from being eligible to vote.

Then there are the sneaky ones, real industrial processes are where Americans for Prosperity have been sending fake mail-in ballots with return-by dates after the election deadline. Mail that informs voters with a criminal past, who have served their time, that they will be arrested if they try to vote. And there are more, the link below will help you find them. Don't believe an election can be bought? You will.

And then look at the examples, and see which party has been using, and caught using, these practices. Names like Karl Rove and The Koch brothers.

This is class war, it's already here. It's a cold war fought with cash.

  The nice thing about a class war?  1% losses are entirely acceptable and don't affect the functioning of the country AT ALL.  

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