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July 28, 2012

OK, so proud to be Americans this morning...

Thanks NBC, for putting the most culturally clueless news babboons you could find in charge of the "color commentary" on the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Could you have had them each take a dump on camera just to class things up a bit.

Oh, we love the fact that the rest of the world gets the impression that Americans are clueless about anything that happens outside our borders. Sure, it's not true, but you pander to the great unwashed idiots for whom it is true with your lowest common denominator broadcasting. Get some fuckers who know about the rest of the world, can add something to the dialogue, and maybe inspire the dumbfucks in flyover country to read a book.


And now it's days on end of similar chromosome failures talking about fabric in the team costumes or irrelevant side stories instead of getting some actual coverage of the events themselves.

Hope your ratings tank.  We're tunneling into the BBC broadcasts ourselves.  Fuck you guys and all hail the Internet.


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