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July 10, 2012

Apple not so green?

It seems that to make a slimmer Mac, Apple had to result to gluing it's batteries in.  That's the battery that will die on you in two years of use. Of course, by then Apple expects you to ditch this model and buy the new one, maybe because it's just not holding a charge that well any more.


Anyway, because it's glued into the computer, it's not recyclable. It's bound to put toxins into the soil as the battery decomposes. (Actually we expect some nimble lad overseas will be extracting these with a knife and a stone in one of those e-waste sweat shops, but we digress...)

EPEAT, the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool program has been notified that Apple won't even try to get certification.  Their "design direction was no longer consistent with the EPEAT requirements."

So, fanboys, let's hear you smug this one up.  Yeah, tell us the one about how you don't have any viruses while you're at it.


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