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June 30, 2012

Kill that fucking goose!

California lived up to it's stereotype today and let the mental giants at PETA and various Vegan alliances dictate what carnivores can eat.

As of midnight, law abiding Californians can't eat foie gras, commonly known as goose liver. 

We're calling on all Americans to chow down on foie gras, whenever you can, wherever you are. Order it up! Let your lawmakers know that they should not bow to vegan terrorists.  It's not what we do in this country.

Vegans. What can you say about an organization that has a Hepatitis infected brain trust like Pam Anderson as a spokesperson.

We say fuck'em. Let's outlaw kale next. Have you ever heard the death scream of a kale? You won't have a decent nights sleep afterwards.


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