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June 22, 2012

Second coming of Microsoft?

The biggest problem MSFT is going to have in the coming months is keeping product names and function straight.  You've got Windows 8 and Mosaic blending, Glass for games and Surface for business, not to mention the kind of have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too situation that's coming from the Surface not-a-laptop-but-more-than-a-tablet.

Wow, and it's all just kinda blended in the last few weeks.

Still, it's fun to watch all the fanboys and bashers come to fight things out, as if it mattered to anyone what they think.  Seriously fanboys, if there's one company that's been successful without you it's Microsoft. And bashers? You're barely hidden as Apple fanboys quaking in your boots that the bit-fruit company might not me the messiah after all.

And us? We'll buy it all, because it's just what we do.  We won't tell you our loves, or hates, except in that o-so-subtle way we have.

Yeah, we think Mosaic shows that the designers at MSFT haven't a real clue. They listen to the pure hate coming from so many of their users and basically say they're too stupid to get it.  Hubris, the recurring theme there that still kills Office sales (ribbon anyone?)

But we're also underwowed by the next OSX upgrade.  It's a patchwork of stuff already done better by third parties, but third parties outside Apple's control, so they must be squashed.  Hmmm, sounds like the tune MSFT used to be bridled with by their critics.

One thing is for sure. We're spending a whole lot of money this year and next. Because you can be sure of one thing: our hate is informed.


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