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June 19, 2012

Nothing more refreshing...

Than an open redneck.

We were in an airport yesterday, and overheard a couple of good-ole-boy racists discussing our president.  They used all the same degrading terms you know and love from those denizens of the cesspool gene pool. Almost caricatures of  the inbred racists of old. We live in a fairly civilized city, so seeing these guys up close, well it was like seeing bigfoot, only not quite as literate.

Anyway, thing was, they used all the racist terms, and the same logic as FOX news pundits to denigrate the commander in chief of the United States of America.  Funny thing was, if you could have had Sean Hanity, Glenn Beck, or Bill O'Riley toss the N-Word in on their diatribes, it would have been the same damn conversation.

And a bit more honest.


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