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April 21, 2012

Easy to defend yourself...

If you're willing to make yourself out to be a victim.

In this case, Mitt Romney still trying to deal with his "war on women" impression.  This got complicated by the exposure that Romney's wife is apparently a cotillion queen on her 401k.  Should we keep in mind Romney's 15% income tax status while we review all this?  Yeah, we should.

It does get entertaining as he scrambles around like a chimpanzee on meth.  Whining about the secular liberal media, likening himself to famous internet meme Tim Tebow, saying Obama pointing out Romney's inherited riches as an attack on "fellow Americans," and basically crying about himself being the victim of biased attacks.

Frankly, we're loving this.  What a grab-bag of insane blather.  He's more fun than Ross Limbaugh on a bender.


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