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April 15, 2012

It's only a scandal...

If we believe it's a scandal.

Case in point: The Secret Service Prostitution Scandal.  The title is a mess of misdirection.  Secret Service agents were not acting as prostitutes.  And from what we know, there may have been sex involved, there's no one actually saying that, just that prostitutes were in a room with agents. And by the way, it's not really illegal in Colombia, just in our own homeland parochial repressed little minds.

Then let's see, was there a breach in security?  None registered.  No agents away from posts, none passing along secrets, nothing like that.

Just a few guys relaxing in the most natural way possible. 

And don't we want our agents relaxed a bit.  A tense agent seems like he might trigger something unintentionally, an international incident, or maybe just some bad words at the wrong time.

Personally, we think all the fat red-cheeked pundits who are spraying spittle over this one need to get laid.


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