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March 19, 2012

Isn't it funny...

How all the great political criminals in the last few years have been from the conservative/moral party.

No wonder they're so popular with the ignorant and home schooled. With people who still rant on about Obama being a Muslim or not born in the US. The slobbering and the droolers. The racists and the hate filled truth manipulators.  Vile leaders make them feel better about themselves, about their own hates. 

No matter how you chalk the line between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney, there's one compelling reason for this class to vote for them.  If you're among their constituency, you aren't really interested in healthcare, Middle-East peace, or even the right of a woman to do with her body as she sees fit. You don't even really care about gay marriage, you just hate gays enjoying live. You don't really care about the issues. No, you just want to elect the guy who hates the same things you do.

Isn't that funny


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