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March 6, 2012

PS Vita?

Really?  Is anyone buying gaming systems from Sony any more?  Must be in fly-over country because we just don't see anyone using these in public in civilized parts.

Every time we see Vita we flash on Vista too. Good move guys.

Seriously, this is like the third "Game Changing" move that Sony has made for hand-helds, which means each prior version's owner is SCREWED.  Nintendo on the other hand stays compatible for three or four versions back, more in some cases. And proprietary memory modules, a specialty of the house of Sony, jump the price of this POC up another three digits.

Of course the next Nintendo console looks like an overpriced steaming pile of "let's throw everything on the wall and we'll put it in whether it sticks or not."  And there's the headache inducing 3DS that we'd rather just forget.  However, those stumbles are nothing compared to the customer abuse dished out by Sony.

Game on lamers.


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