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January 27, 2012

Well, here come the hypocrites again!

In a manner that knows no shame, the whacky right which supports adulterers, thieves, and billionaires who pay less than 15% tax, are going after the little blonde gay girl.

There's actually a campaign from these herd beasts to get JCPenny to fire Ellen DeGeneres because she is "openly gay." And by openly gay, that means she admits it, not because she's particularly acted gay or had big open mouth kisses with Madonna, or anything like that.  No, it's just because she doesn't have the good sense to lie.

Who the fuck shops at JCPenny anyway?  Oh yeah, the morbidly obese inbred folk from flyover country.  We forgot for a second.

And if you can't lie convincingly, the far right will hunt you down and make you pay.  Of course, if you can lie convincingly, they'll just make you run for office.

  Oh yeah, its that fucking group of nutbags "One Million Moms."  They "take offense" at companys that "offend" their customers.  

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