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December 14, 2011

So, among those of you who work...

Ever think about your company's sick policy?  Typically what happens these days of stockholder-focused profiteering off your ass is this: Little to no actual sick days, all or most sick time comes out of your meager vacation time.

This is based on a foolish assumption: that sick people are more likely to stay home and eat up their vacation time than they are to drag their sorry asses into work and infect everyone else.  In fact, there's a sense of "I'm a Hero" among the virus spreading employees that they came in regardless of how awful they felt.  And in turn, they make the work place a plague farm.

We say: Embrace this sick people!  Make sure you don't wash your hands either.  Reuse cups in the common areas.  Spread the joy!  Make the office a ghost town, or at least a CDC hot spot.

It's only by the complete fall of the current system that a realistic system where managers can say things like "work at home today, you're a danger to the rest, and it won't come out of your holiday pay."  Sure, they'll have to do a little work to follow up that you actually did some work at home, but for fuck's sake, what good are they otherwise?  Isn't that their job?


  And if you have a chance to meet with the board of directors during your illness, you know what to do.  

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