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November 25, 2011

Seriously, Newt Gingrich?

We always have to wonder, how did he ever get any sense of legitimacy.  Start of with the fact that the guy's name sounds like a cross between a water lizard and a Dr. Seuss villain. Add the hypocrisy of a family values campaigner who cheated on his wife and is currently on wife #3. He blamed his marital problems on "working too hard." If you were going to sculpt a corrupt republican blow-hard, this is the guy you would end up carving.  We could go on, but it's really not that much fun.

And now he's the front runner for the no-fun just-say-no party because train-wreck Herman Cain is dropping out and endorsing him.

The only thing this party can do is say no, like some petulant child who won't take it's medicine. Like a petulant child that can't keep it's pants on.


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