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November 7, 2011

When the truth would be enough...

Why spoil it all and lie to us?

It's the way of marketing these days, excessive FUD on the part of lame-ass benders of facts that spread confusion throughout marketplaces.  Case in point: The New Barnes & Noble Nook.

It's not a great position to be in, playing catch-up to a team that's already playing catch-up.  Amazon's upcoming Fire will put a dent in some small number of iPad sales, but not hurt the core business.  B&N want's a piece of that piece of the pie, so they scramble - the truth. So we have B&N executives saying how their device supports streaming media (Hulu and Netflix) and has more memory and a faster processor.  It does cost $50 more, but they think it's worth it.

OK so far, that's all pretty much right on if you need those features.

Then they, specifically CEO William Lynch, have to go and bend/stretch/distort the truth about the Amazon Fire, saying that the Nook doesn't include advertisements like the Amazon readers.

Which is bullshit, only the cheapest Amazon readers have ads to support free wireless connections.

They continue saying that another selling point is the free customer service at the more than 700 Barnes & Noble stores, adding "If you bought a Kindle and had a question about it, where would you go, Amazon's headquarters in Seattle?"

No jackass, we'd call their amazing phone support for free. Not having to leave our house to drop by your brick and mortar and get some semi-trained store clerk "support professional" who repeatedly tries to reset the device by way of fixing it.  Hell, those morons you have in the store right now don't know how to operate your devices, much less fix any of them.

Should have stopped after streaming Billy.


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