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November 4, 2011

Net Neutrality vs. GOP

And just another reason to suspect that the GOP is not the people's party, they're sponsoring a "resolution of disapproval" against the Open Internet regulations that are set to be enacted later this month.

Be clear on this. The FCC regulations are in place to make sure you can use your Internet bandwidth the way you want, without fear of your provider or other agencies throttling you or preventing you access.

Imaginary Scenario: You've got Comcast internet, but don't subscribe to their cable service. You start viewing videos online and Comcast determines you're using too much bandwidth at once (you didn't go over your allocations, but your streaming video is eating a bunch right now.)  Comcast wants you to get your video from them, so they make your use of the Internet unpleasant and inefficient, perhaps even impossible.

That's the scenario in play.

And Republicans want to stop the FCC implementing any teeth to the Net Neutrality principals like being able to "impose fines and bring injunctions against companies that slow down internet service for customers who are streaming movies or downloading music."  All the same old reasons/lies, just a bunch of politicians deeply in the pockets of big business.

Just reminding you who your friends are, and who is the friend of big business.


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