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November 3, 2011

Don't you just love "Parent's Groups?"

Typically it flags a bunch of dimwits who have no parenting skills themselves, they just want to inject their morality on a world that behaves in a manner they don't condone.  Like those people who believe the world is round, or that Jesus wasn't a blonde surfer dude, or that we should protect teens from sexually transmitted diseases.

Pay attention to that last one.  They don't think teens should be having sex, so they don't believe they should be protected from STDs.  But we're not going there.

Today we're watching these fools take on Glee. Sure, there's a lot of sex in Glee.  Straight sex, gay sex... well apparently not yet, kinky sex (if you pay attention to what Britney mutters you will start to pray for her to get a cable spin off show) and all very gleeful.

So we have a self-anointed Parent's Television Council coming out about how Glee celebrates "children having sex."  Of course they're all "up in arms" about it.  That seems to be about it, just the "up in arms" thing.  We think it's mostly jealousy, as kids they probably never got any action.



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