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September 25, 2011

Damn you One Million Moms!

Of course if your organization is called One Million Moms you're going to be unbelievably annoying and do nothing but piss rational people off.

Such was the case when they came out recently against... Ice Cream.

Specifically Ben and Jerry's Schweddy Balls product.  Based on the classic SNL skit, this was reportedly an awesomely flavored treat to boot.

And now that they've drawn attention to it, we can't get any.

Not because B&J have withdrawn it, it's just fucking sold out everywhere and B&J won't have more for a couple of weeks.  Their drawing attention to this has made it an overnight success and we can't get any more!

Fucking moms.

  Make no mistake, we're not talking about MILFs, these old biddies wouldn't know a good blowjob it it hit them in the face.

And while you're looking at their site, check out the rest of their action items.  Make a shopping list and go out there and support these products! 


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