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August 17, 2011

Fine line between fanboy and masochist...

The idea that there is a certain kind of technophile who loves to shovel cash in the general direction of Cupertino California is more disturbing than those guys who dress in latex body suits.  But there's no denying that both exist, and one of each is probably sitting next to you sometime during the average day.

We'll go with the fanboy being more disturbed, because unlike his rubber suited alternate, he's just never satisfied.

Case in point, the number of lame-o iPad fans who lament the delay of the iPad 3 from later this year to early next year.  Listen, can you hear them weaping like small angry birds?

What! Wasn't it enough that you dropped the green into Steve Job's lap when you picked up the iPad 2 just six months ago? Has it lost it's charm? Are you so upset that you're not viewing Tiny Wings in a glorious 20481536 resolution that the application doesn't even support?

Apple is the opiate of the techno masses. At least until we get virtual sex machines, which you can be fucking sure won't come from Cupertino...

  Yeah, you can probably wear a virtual reality wet suit...  

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