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August 5, 2011

And a half...

We note with interest that Ashton Kucher has now officially taken over for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men.  This leaves us with two and a half questions:

When are they going to stop counting the "kid" as half a man?  Seriously, he's getting bigger than Jon Cryer. Rename the show Two Men and One and a Half Kids and we're fine with it.

Second, can we get a Vegas line on a date when Kucher pisses off Chuck Lorre, shacks up with a couple of porn stars and starts broadcasting his manifesto on the internet?

And then, we have to ask, Jon Cryer...


  Oh come now, you saw that coming.  You'll have to fill in the rest yourself.  Seriously, just look at Cryer.  The questions flow pretty easy from there.  

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