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July 29, 2011

Terrorists among us?

The biggest threat to the US Economy?

The Tea Party Conservatives that believe, somehow, that putting the US into default on it's loans will jumpstart jobs and increase business profitability.

Where we come from, we have a name for that.  And that name is "You're too fucking old and cheap and addled and selfish to be out on the street by yourself grandpa and we're taking your car keys and putting you in a home."

Seriously, with longevity causing more old people to... well... outlive their brains, we simply have to do some social engineering here. 

And to all those "young" Tea Party fools, we can only say that you don't have to be old to be brain damaged.  Sometimes it just comes naturally, like inbreeding and thinking that AM Radio talk programs have some connection with reality.  They're on Fucking A M you idiots! It's an outdated medium for outdated thinking.


We're just saying.


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