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July 18, 2011

Apple is about to do it again...

So, every couple of releases, Apple decides that those applications you're using on your Macintosh just aren't good enough any more, and it intentionally makes them incompatible with the new OS by removing support for them.

This has happened, by our count, at least six times to varying extents since the Mac was released in 1984, the most recent was with Snow Leopard, and quickly following that will be a removal support for any PowerPC applications with Mac OS X - Lion.  Fanboys and paid Apple apologists claim this is necessary, even good, as you get to get brand new applications to run with improved functionality and... stop, we're making ourselves want to vomit.

Windows 7 on the other hand still maintains compatibility back over 13 versions of Windows software (yeah, even down to service packs) that can be set on an application's properties dialog in a Compatibility tab.  And they've had this feature for over a decade.  (Probably more, but our lab boys stopped researching after they got back to 2001 and started playing the original Duke Nukem.)

Why doesn't that fucker in the brown suit who calls himself PC ever throw this up into the face of that smug little Mac shit.  Oh yeah, because he's an actor paid by Apple.


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