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July 17, 2011


In what may be a crippling blow to Fox News' odus operandi, chief executive of News International (aka Fox News International) Rebekah Brooks has been arrested for her company's illegal phone hacking of schoolgirl Milly Dowler, bribes to the police, and varrious other douchebaggery common in Fox News day-to-day manufacturing of right-wing news.  Brooks had resigned the week before.

Of course this is all happening in the UK, where it's generally harder to buy off politicians and the police (we aren't claiming direct experience ourselves, but we can't deny it either.) Even the "good old boy" network failed Brooks, who reportedly was chummy with Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and David Cameron.  (We'll not comment on what chummy means here, we simply have no experience in that area.)

What does this mean for the US based Fox News?  Will some federal regulatory organizations grow a pair and shut down the inuendo, lies, and improperly researched local news?  Could Rupert Murdoch himself land behind bars in some white-colar holding facility?  Could, oh please oh please, there be some request for Murdoch to testify, or perhaps extradition extends... no... let's not jinx that.

Oh, to dream!


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