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July 13, 2011

Judge us by our Ring Fingers?

A team of Korean researchers has apparently been spending some time with their pants down.

They've been working on producing a reliable guide between the ring finger of the (supposedly man's) hand and... wouldn't you know... penis length.

 A test of 144 (apparently six backed out of the 150 when they were told exactly what the test was about) subjects over the age of 20 were observed during unrelated urological surgery. Measurements were taken of penis and ring finger. The penis was measured flaccid and "stretched."

All surgeries came to a "happy ending?"

From here it gets complicated and not really useful, except for some info about how women's index fingers are typically as long as their ring fingers, while in men the index fingers are shorter.  Remember to check that overly eager young "miss" at the bar for the index and ring finger ratio guys, more accurate than the Adam's apple or stubble check.


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