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July 11, 2011

Google Steps Up?

Sure there's a lot to do when you get a new social network running.  Test the code, test the code, test the code.

And then there's hardware.  Did you remember about the hardware?

Apparently Google forgot this weekend, and early users of Google + felt the impact. But not necessarily the way you might think.  They got spammed.

Many early adopters of the Google+ social network found themselves bombarded with spam over the weekend, because of a bug triggered after the site ran out of disk space.

Check that last couple of words.  A bug didn't cause the lack of hard disk space.  Running out of hard disk space caused the bug to be triggered.

Sure it's a fledgling service from a small company whose just getting... wait a minute, we're talking about Google right?

Well, XKCD nailed it from the start. We just want something different.  Sans spam.


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