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May 23, 2011

The price of popularity...

It's what the informed people have been saying all along.  No virus makers went after Macs because there wasn't as big an installed base, no real reason to.  This led to the impression they were safer.  So people are buying them now on that basis, and guess what...

Complaints in the Apple's support forums, with at least 200 posts saying that a program popped up on their systems with a message, telling that their systems are infected with virus and they must install anti-virus software. On installing it, the program would open porn websites on their computer.

With an installed base of complacent and misinformed sheep, any real viruses should run through the Mac community like wildfire.  This could well be the Armageddon we missed out on last weekend.

Heh, who are we kidding? It's only around 10% of the market.

  Cue the Linux guys...  

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