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April 16, 2011


While the rest of humanity moves forward, and we're really talking about those close to large bodies of water, not those stranded in "flyover country," those of us who think rather than bay get a chuckle when a new group of geographically identifiable idiots makes themselves loud and obvious.

We give you... Arizona.

This is the h8teful state that passed anti-gay legislation, went forward with that landmark homophobic prejudice regardless of the backlash of people who decided not to hold conventions or vacation there.  A situation which had almost been forgotten. But no, as the echoes of that luncay faded, we find they had another crazy inbred cousin one waiting in the wings.

The Arizona "Birther Bill" recently passed to sets these fools up as monumentally arrogant and ridiculously paranoid in a manner that is typically found only in lame sci-fi novels.  Seriously, are we to believe the child of Americans, who might have spent some time in infancy vacationing in Luxembourg, would form some kind of supernatural fondness for that spot that four or more decades later it would betray the land of it's citizenship on some pivotal international incident? Seriously, The Boys from Brazil was founded on more sound logic.

And the idea that the state whose most important cultural contribution is a miles long hole in the ground would somehow stem the tide against this threat becomes even more laughable.

And that's what we suggest.  Point and laugh.  Laugh at the clowns, these "Zoners".  They matter not, lest we let them.

  And yes, we realize that not all Arizona natives are irresponsible, regressive idiots.  However the rest of you failed to stop the rest, and so you live with the stigma.  

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