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March 21, 2011

A fairly good list...

From Pondering Progress:

I don’t understand selfishness, never have.

I don’t understand why women, more than half the people on the planet, have to fight for equality.

I don’t understand how everyone can’t see that social-programs for the neediest of our nation are mainstays of a healthy America.

I don’t understand how cherry-picked edicts written in a eons-old religious text can be used as justification for hatred and condemnation of certain kinds of love between American adults.

I don’t understand how anyone, men, in particular, can attempt to mandate what a woman can, and cannot do in regards her own body and the care of her health.

I don’t understand racism.

I don’t understand dismissive denigration of science, of learning, of those capable of teaching.

I don’t understand political maneuvering for advantage and campaigning for political power by playing on the fears of the ignorant instead of encouraging the aspirations of all.

I don’t understand the meme of enriching the already wealthy to somehow help the poor.

I don’t understand conservative thought.

Clearly, understanding stuff isn’t one of my strengths. (ooo! found a paperclip!)

  We would only add, we don't understand why so many of those selfish bastards are morbidly obese.  Just saying.  


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