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March 7, 2011

Election still far away, but already an amusing Republican clownadate...

With the next presidential election still nowhere in sight, it doesn't stop the shit-stirrers from breaking into rants and raves that could be set as comic opera or the ironic ramblings of a crazed street person.

Welcome back to the limelight Mike Huckabee, who we always picture in a shiny stripy vest festooned with funky flair. Try it, close your eyes and listen, you can visualize any number of pins and ribbons on his puffy chest.

Today we note his recanting of condemnation of Natalie Portman's unwed pregnancy - apparently he misjudged how many addled aged Tea Party crazies would side with him - saying instead that the media distorted his statement.  Huh, you mean the tape that people played back of your voice saying "it's unfortunate that we glorify and glamorize the idea of out-of-children wedlock."  That distortion of your distortion of Portman's thanking her partner for making her a mother?  Um, yeah.  And about that...

Right up there with your statements that Obama grew up in Kenya.  Proving that you don't know the difference between Kenya and Indonesia, and that you believe ages 6-10 constitute "growing up."  Obama lived with his grandparents in Hawaii (another apparently foreign land) and then went to school in Los Angeles.  Sure, you're presidential material right up there with Dan Quale.

Huckabee, always good for a laugh. 



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