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February 11, 2011

We have no patience...

With luddites.  Especially whiney luddites.  Especially whiney luddites that want to force us to live like them.

Case in point, cranky paranoids that demand all their e-mail be sent in text only format, that mails sent to subscribers always tune to the dummbest common denominator.  None of this new-fangled picturfied and stylized HTML!  Certainly not any Rich Text formats, that's right out of town.  No, they get a cuddly sense of contentment by eliminating everything that might communicate the message faster and demanding communications look like they're still partying in 1989!

To these folks we say, hurry up and die.  Actually we don't want them to die, but they think that's what we want so we'll pander to that paranoia. We really just want them to shut the fuck up. And we want them to learn not to REPLY ALL to these lists like we're all going to jump up and say "yeah, what grandpa said!"  And we want them to learn that THE CAPS LOCK KEY IS NOT THEIR FRIEND.  If they don't want to be bothered learning how to use the shift key, they should fucking well type everything in lower case.

Wow, we're a little crabby ourselves today.



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