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February 6, 2011

Always nice when Mothers take drugs...

That's one of the more likely explanations about some Mother's complaint that Lea Michelle is posing for sexy pictures in Cosmo.

First, they explain that their son's are confused by this, because on TV she plays a teen who shouldn't be in such pictures.

Um, right.  Maybe it's more that you've got a son who reads Cosmo?

Then its about the expectation that a celebrity should have a code of conduct that would avoid such titillation.

And right, let's look at those cheerleading skirts on Glee that are basically a bunch of ties attached to a belt?  And the stripper moves?  And that woman football coach?  See the pattern? 

The real question is is Cosmo really going to improve it's heterosexual male subscriber base, and how will that affect advertisers?  Our expectation, wait until sweeps when Curt poses in Playboy.




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