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January 17, 2011

And just because...

We want to talk to the nerds.  The freaks. The wimps. The subjects of undeserved torture, bullying, ridicule, pranks, and other indignation subjected upon you by peers, enemies, and the rat bastards who seem to outlive their own usefulness.

Damn it. It does get better.

Fucking take back your life. If you're afraid of them, think about it.  Have they already taken your life?  If so, what is there to lose? Nothing, but everything to gain.

Don't put up with it.  Call them out. Calmly tell them to fuck off. And when they tell you what they're going to do to you, tell them to bring it. 

Make sure you've got a tape recorder going. Have a friend video taping.  Bring the fuckers down with evidence of their evil deeds. Send it to the newspapers.  Send it to YouTube.  Make a noise. 

Make the fuckers pay, and let them live with their new reputations.  And then have a great life, it's truly the best revenge.

  In NO WAY should you stoop to their level.  No damage, no physical attacks, no undeserved ridicule.  Make their actions evident, let that be the end to it.   


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