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December 2, 2010

And just when we were thinking we liked you...

Comcast wants to be your AOL.  And by that, we mean they want to be your oppressive all-in-one Internet site and provider.  To that extent, they want you to consume their streaming videos, not Netflix's streaming videos, and are taking action to make it harder for you to get what you want.

Just like AOL. (OK, we'll drop that now.)

Seriously, if you don't understand Net Neutrality, you need to.  Stop reading this crap and go study up.

Then call Comcast and shout into the phone:

"Comcast, you're just a big fucking pipe.  You are not the Internet.  Just be a big fucking pipe!  That's all we want of you. Be a big fucking pipe and leave us alone with our Internet or you'll go the way of AOL!"

OK, we went there again.  Fucking AOL scarred us for life.


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