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October 29, 2010

We looked into joining the Tea Party...

But we weren't old, fat, dumb, self-righteous, or ugly enough. And we have all our own teeth.  And our teeth are basically one color. And we have the good sense not to wear t-shirts when our gut would hang over huge belt buckles. And if we don't know what we're talking about we shut the fuck up.

Seriously, if we stumbled into a party full of these people we'd vomit and then leave.

It does beg the idea that there probably comes a time when older people shouldn't be voting any more.  Seriously, we take their drivers license away if they can't pass that test. Maybe we should have a similar vocabulary and cause and effect test to determine if they're still capable of cognitive processes.

  The funny part of the video is when the British guy calls the obviously insane guy "colorful."  

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