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September 22, 2010

Buying California...

And on the Left Coast, it looks like it's all tied up in the race to replace Arnold as figurehead of state government.  Meg Whitman is tied with Jerry Brown, each sharing their prized 41% of the polled voters.

Of course, being the statistical nuts we are, we wish there was a weighting factor for how much money has been spent to win that percentage.  Personally, we feel that Brown spending six million dollars is money that could have been put towards improving so many things in this state of plenty where the government typically goes months without a budget, and then settles on one that isn't balanced.  Shameful to spend $6,000,000 in such a way.

Of course, Whitman has spent $119,000,000 to capture her tying 41%.

To which we say, how much does it cost to buy California?

  Voters must decide.  Oh yeah, we forgot, Meg isn't really much of a voter, only since 2002.  

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