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September 10, 2010

Yay, Spider-Man is on Broadway... oh, wait... shit...

The geek hard-on went limp today.  We got our first view of sketches that show the Broadway take on the new Gay... er... Green Goblin and that robot from Fritz Lang's Metropolis who apparently guest stars in the show to do some dancing.

Then we heard this British pop star, whom we've never heard of before, singing the catchy new song from the show.  Wait a second, what did that sound like?  We've kinda forgotten already. Probably a defense mechanism. 

Again, the big uh-oh really started when the anorexic-looking director Julie Taymor drags out the drawings that she stresses were done by herself and a Japanese designer.  Because if you want to capture the essense of Spider-Man, you go to a Manhattanite who never read comics as a kid and a Japanese designer of similar credentials and let them loose "improving" the property.

The sound of suck is so loud here we're ignoring Bono and The Edge entirely.  Then again, they wrote Boy Falls from the Sky so maybe they're not so innocent...


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