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September 5, 2010

And once again, the God of forgiveness...

Will have his hands full forgiving his hate-filled followers.

Seriously, this thing is looking like a religion-crossed version of pre-Nazi Germany every day. The leaders of the right looking for just the right minority to focus their followers on in persecution and unity.

One possible problem here, whereas the Nazis went after Jews, the ninth most popular religion in the world, these pseudo-Christians are going after the Islamic faith, which is a close #2 to actual Christianity.

  Of course Pastor Bill Keller didn't just single out Islam.  He also went after gays, godless, "Gandhi" and Mormons.  Last time we checked, even if you just count the last four, they still  outnumber the "bat shit crazy religious right".

And that doesn't even include the fact that infighting among these nutbags is endemic. Best case, they eat their own tails.


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