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July 27, 2010

Jail Break Rock...

And another occasion where the "underdog" gets it's bite softened.

Apple has been accused of draconian, anti-competitive, restrictive, and behavior not in the public interest of late.  (Wow, that's quite a mouthful, luckily we still had a bunch of those statements in storage when we used to use them for another company that was on the top of the heap.)  But today their behavior has been struck down by a bastion of civil liberty.

The Library of Congress

Yes, the crazy, often misnamed Digital Millennium Copyright Act has been interpreted by librarian James H. Billington and found to come out on the side of people who want to do whatever they want with technology they have purchased.  There will be a review in three years, but until then PARTY!  Can you say iPorn? We new you could.

Sure, Apple will rail against this, and they already have:  "You'll crash your phone," "You'll get viruses," "You'll put your eye out," "You'll give hackers accesss to AT&T's Network and cause them pain!"  And while true for all the iBob and iBetty iPhone droolers, tech savvy nerds everywhere are dancing in the street at their new found freedom from the oppressive yoke of Teh Jobes.

Wait a second, jailbreaking an iPhone will cause AT&T pain?  Finally a great reason to buy one!


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