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July 20, 2010

Every now and then...

You have to listen to the opposing viewpoint.  Even if that viewpoint is so hate filled and delusionary as... well Rush Limbaugh.

We spent about 30 minutes listening to Rush work up a sweat about all the things he was able to extrapolate in his own little world from a few twisted news bits coming out of the Obama administration. You know, he doesn't say racist things, but he sure smells racist. But we digress.

The entertaining part were the commercials.

What can you learn about the expected audience of the amazingly self-aggrandizing Limbaugh show?  Well, according to the ads, their audience has high cholesterol, is morbidly obese, very tired of creditors calling, unable to work their computers, and either has an erectile dysfunction or genital warts - we really couldn't tell on the last one. 

That sure explains a lot.


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