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May 11, 2010

Remember Widgets?

No, not that Ewok from Return of the Jedi.  And no, not that little robot from Buck Rodgers. These were the hold-over little graffiti apps from Windows Vista and Apple Mac OS 10.  With all the allure of Chinese street signs, these things that sat on your desktop to tell you things you absolutely needed to know as you worked like, weather.  And how hot your computer was (most people misinterpreted that one.)

So now we see news that Apple is falling behind in the Widget wars. 

Isn't that like learning you're no longer the considered the Pokemon champion of your middle-school, now that you're in college?

Seriously, widgets on a desktop are a sure sign that the computer's owner still has to ask for help changing their background pattern and finding the "any" key.

  And yeah, we know Twiki doesn't sound anything like Widget.  It just looks that way.  

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