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April 26, 2010

Light reading...

George W. Bush hasn't given any interviews since leaving office. The reason:  He's been working on his memoirs.

Decision Points is reportedly a departure from typical memoir format, instead focusing on "the defining decisions in his consequential presidency and personal life."  We'd like to suggest considering replacing consequential with accidental, or even reprehensible. But that's just us thinking out loud.

Perhaps there will be an appendix of items, titled something like "crap I created that Obama will be blamed for by crazy right wingers in costumes." Probably not, but we're waiting on that book.

The book has been scheduled for release on November 9th.  For those who can't wait for this kind of literary junk pile, ex-First Lady Laura Bush has her own memoir out next week.  Spoken from the Heart "explores her life in the White House, as well as her relationship with her husband."  We're waiting for the audio book.  Fingers crossed, they'll get Amy Winehouse to read... or is that just us wishing again?


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