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April 12, 2010

Isn't America wonderful?

Yes, there's no other country in the world that gives it's retarded masses so much time in the media. 

We'll admit, the Tea Party is fun to watch. Kind of the same way we like to watch Meatwad and Shake argue about stuff on Aqua Team Hunger Force.  Same level of accuracy, same passion, and with respect to Meatwad, same complexion and body fat ratio.

We love watching the fat of their jowels flap over badly kept teeth while they explain how Obama and Pelosi are part of a fascist socialist conspiracy to kill grandma and help their daughters get pregnant. (Frankly, your daughters were getting pregnant fine without Federal help there Jethro.)

We simply can't get enough of their explanation of all these things that "everyone knows." Like everyone knows that Obama isn't actually a citizen. He's never proven it.  Or that he's a secret muslim. Or that Kryptonite can kill him.  (We know the truth, it just hurts him a lot.)

Frankly, we're hoping for a reality show or full time news program where we can watch them 24/7.  Seriously, we haven't laughed this much in years.


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