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March 24, 2010

Gold Rush!  Off to California...

They're putting it on the ballot for people to vote on in the Golden State. Legalize marijuana. Not just for the chronically ill, but for the rest of us who are just sick of all the shit these days.  We're betting it will pass, on three points: Fun, Economy, and Safety.

Fun - Well, do we really have to explain?  Yeah, you didn't inhale.

Economy - Here's a growth crop, taxable, and job inspiring that even the little guy can start up without a huge bank loan.

Safety - Get the sale and manufacture out of the criminal element.  Seriously, this is not good news for the Mexican cartels - they'll lose business.

Of course, that's all the fun talk. Once this actually passes the Federal Government will come in and try to fuck things up for the little guy.  And you know who will head that effort?  The fat, grey meat, right-wing conservative got-mines who claim to want government out of "our" business, until it actually comes down to living up to that lie.  The fear mongering, self-serving, lying hypocritical fuckwads who live to mess with the freedoms of others.

But, in the meantime, dream the dream.



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