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February 14, 2010

Let's cut this one off now...

So in attempting to create a faster luge track, they in fact created one that was more dangerous.  Sure, nobody saw that coming.  The sport is fairly well known for it's danger.  You're basically rocketing down a trough on your back, feet first, no padding other than a helmet which is pointed away from the direction you're traveling. 

Speed compared to prior years shouldn't be the factor, it's about how fast you go in comparison with other teams.  Consider a track not so perfect, not so frictionless, wouldn't the real accomplishment be to get some speed out of that?  The competition would go to the team that was able to do their best against the track, rather than just surviving it.

Seriously, it's like setting up a 100 yard dash by launching the runners from cannons at the starting line...


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