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February 4, 2010


We admit it.  We often judge a book by it's cover. Hell, sometimes the cover is the best part. We pay more for books with hard covers, leather covers, slip covers... but really nothing changes under the covers.  It's all the same book.

So what happens when you remove the covers all together, remove the paper while your at it and just ship the words.  Prices should fall drastically, but the publishing houses see a massive cut in profit should they do that.  You see, the covers don't cost what they charge you for (shhhhhh... that's a big secret apparently.)

So when we see the prices of eBooks rising, as has happened recently under pressure by one of these publishers, we're looking for some intervention from either Government or social uprising. Frankly we're banking on the latter.

You see, publishers aren't needed any more.  Writers can go direct to you, not even shipping charges cuz the digits have no weight.

Case in point. This Scott Seigler guy was so popular with the direct download folks that publishers finally snapped up his stuff to publish.  But you can still get great stuff from him directly.

America, land of the free until squashed by giants.

  And yeah, we still love the feel and smell of real books.  But you know what they're charging on flights for overweight baggage these days?  

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