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January 28, 2010

Just a thought...

Watching the State of the Union address last night we were again struck by just how little energy there is on the Republican side of the house.  The Democrats were punctuating just about every other sentence out of Obama's mouth with a celebratory single jumping jack out of their seats.  The GOP seemed glued to their seats, sticky butts that could only smear their way to standing position if one of their constituent parties were undeniably mentioned, women's equal pay for example.  (Still there were some grey old men who still couldn't rise to that particular occasion... metaphor?)

Got us thinking though.  When every sentence is reason to rise, it diminishes the whole.  Where's the perspective here, where are the real priorities?  They can't all be equal priorities, and the inability to prioritize is a failing of any leadership.

However, the thinking continued.  Bad trend, we know.

Having one half of the representative audience rise obviously points out to the watching audience where their leadership stands.  No one boos (although some occasionally have Tourettes seizures) so it's really the only way to see who is in favor of the particular proposition or observation. It would be more interesting if the cheering praise came ambiguously from the audience as a whole, with no such visual cue. It might get some of those watching folks at home to actually think about the proposal, rather than take their position from... well... the position of their representatives.  Think about it.  Thinking about issues instead of knee-jerk reactions.  Maybe we're ready for some adult behavior here? Maybe?

So perhaps the message to the democrats this morning is to shake things up with a little ambiguity. Sit down, and start rocking the boat.


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